The Fairway National Literary Awards

Narration is an exquisite prism of introspection, in which a life’s experiences are carefully ordered and transformed into art by the talent of the writer’s unique patterns of articulation and profound evocative qualities. To identify the nation’s talented written artists and to appreciate their contribution, the highly anticipated Fairway National Literary Awards were held for the fourth consecutive year on the third of December, 2018 at the Galle Face Hotel.

This year,120 novels were submitted for the Awards and fourteen novels in total were shortlisted. The richly textured novels that displayed exceptional written artistry were selected and the shortlisted novelists in each language category received a cash prize of 100,000LKR while the winner in each language category received a cash prize of 500,000LKR. The shortlisted novels in the Sinhalese category were Aththani Kanu by Sepali Mayadunna; Warana by Padmini Seneviratne; Tharu Visula Raya by Aruna Premarathne; Deshadrohiyage Nirmala Hardaya by Tharangani Resika Fernando and Balawa Kandulu Gini Gani by P. B. Jayasekara. The novels were judged by Professor Somaratne Balasooriya, Dr. Jayalath Manorathna and Dr. Jayalatha Madawaththa.The shortlist for Tamil Language category consists of Kattupol by Pramila Pradeepan; Thottu Ponavarkal by Fernando Seeman Pathinathan; Irattak Kuliyal by Musdeen; Idipadum Koddaikal by Nawayanee Yohendranathan and Panichchaiadi Munmaariyum Sattak Kinarum by A. M. S. Velalagan and the panel of judges included Dr. Pavithra Kailasapathy, Lareena Abdul Haqand Muralitharan Mauran.

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21st February, 2019 Written Art | Personalities