Serpil Yeter | Anna Laudel Istanbul

'See Another' reveals Yeter’s observations and encounters in Istanbul’s local markets during the year 2000, which are accompanied by innovative sound installations throughout the exhibition space. Yeter has meticulously captured each market stall as an art installation with the precision of an artist who has mastered her craft. By framing these scenes through the lens of her camera, Yeter invites the audience to embark on a nostalgic journey through time, providing a unique perspective on a local market that thrived at the cusp of the millennium. 

Tracing the weariness of evenings and the soulful charm that lies within weathered market stalls, this exhibition is a testament to the artist’s attentive societal observations during her visits to Istanbul. Through a realistic and aesthetic photographic eye, “See Another” weaves a rich tapestry that captures the essence of the artist’s encounters. This panorama is intricately designed to portray the daily challenges faced by market vendors, showcasing a mosaic of human stories that encapsulate diverse cultures, characters, impossibilities, and desires. The exhibition unfolds as a captivating narrative, providing viewers with a profound and striking glimpse into the manifold tapestry of these shared experiences.

In her artworks, Serpil Yeter skillfully incorporates details symbolizing future anxieties and economic challenges within the unique arrangements of market stalls. Through her refined artistic language, she presents a balanced portrayal of life’s beauty and struggles, offering viewers a nuanced perspective on everyday life and its ordinary routine.

Yeter’s exhibition serves as a reminder that local markets are more than colourful spectacles; they encompass a complex world of diverse emotions and realities, inviting the audience to explore the profound layers beneath its surface.

Serpil Yeter's exhibition, 'See Another', reminds viewers that local markets encompass a complex world beyond being just a colourful spectacle, containing many emotions and realities, can be visited at Anna Laudel Istanbul from January 12th to February 23rd.


9th February, 2024 Visual Art | Paintings