Ramazan Can | Anna Laudel Düsseldorf

Amidst a symphony of materials, Ramazan Can intricately contemplates the contemporary phenomenon of deterritorialization, contextualizing it within the realm of nomadic adaptation, all while steadfastly traversing the corridors of identity and history.

The exhibition offers fresh perspectives on Can’s age-old Yörük traditions, particularly spotlighting  the rich tapestry of heritage as a vessel of remembrance and cultured art. In the exhibition, meticulously curated, polarities such as old/new, inside/outside, and remember/forget are deftly interwoven, manifesting through a diverse material selection of fabric, wood, concrete, and paint. This curated ensemble serves as a conduit for a profound and nuanced exploration of artistic motifs, elevating the viewer’s journey into a realm where past and present converge in sublime harmony.

Drawing upon the ancient weaving techniques of his Yörük ancestors hailing from the Black Sea region of Turkey, Ramazan Can masterfully intertwines carpet patterns with contemporary elements like neon tubing. Through this innovative fusion, Can imbues familiar folk motifs and patterns with fresh significance, offering viewers a novel lens through which to perceive ancient traditions.

By seamlessly blending the old with the new, traditional craftsmanship with modern materials, Can crafts a visually striking narrative that simultaneously honors historical legacies and unveils contemporary perspectives. This thematic and material juxtaposition invites contemplation on themes of identity, tradition, and memory. Indeed, Can’s evocative artworks resonate profoundly with audiences, leaving an indelible imprint long after the exhibition’s conclusion.

To experience this exciting exploration of history and memory with Ramazan Can’s first solo exhibition in Düsseldorf, “One Day, Everyone Will Migrate”, can be visited between April 27 and June 8, 2024 at  Anna Laudel Düsseldorf.

30th May, 2024 Visual Art | Paintings