Royden Gibbs and Dillai Joseph

Roydon Gibbs and Dillai Joseph explore the captivating beauty of Sri Lanka’s heritage and nature through their exquisite forthcoming fine art exhibition 'Corridors of Time'. The 'Corridors of Time' exhibition will be held at Harold Peiris Gallery, located in the heart of Colombo. The grand opening is scheduled for 2nd November 2023, and the exhibition will run until 5th November 2023. This exhibition is bound to fascinate art enthusiasts, collectors, and aficionados with an appreciation for the beauty of Sri Lanka and its cultural heritage. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with Roydon Gibbs and Dillai Joseph, gaining insights into their creative processes and the inspirations behind their exhibits. This remarkable showcase promises to transport art enthusiasts on a journey through time, archaeology, architecture, history, human form and culture, with an exploration of the intricate narratives that bind heritage and nature in this enchanting island nation.

The 'Corridors of Time' exhibition is a collaboration between two visionary artists, Roydon Gibbs and Dillai Joseph. This unique partnership brings together their distinctive artistic styles, blending contemporary interpretations with deep-rooted Sri Lankan traditions. Their artistry harmoniously converges to depict the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka's heritage and the inspiring beauty of its natural landscapes.

Dillai Joseph, Embrace, 2022

Roydon Gibbs, Fort Hammenhiel, 2023

Roydon Gibbs is a Sri Lankan artist, who has been exhibited locally and internationally and is celebrated for his mastery of intricate details and subject matter. In this exhibition, he showcases his profound connection to Sri Lanka's cultural heritage, capturing the essence of ancient temples, historical sites, and traditional rituals through his paintings, inviting viewers to delve into the heart of Sri Lanka’s past. This one-of-a-kind exhibition will showcase Royden Gibbs' finest, unseen works. He is renowned as one of Sri Lanka's top watercolourists, who also works in diverse mediums, receiving well-deserved awards and recognition. Several structures painted by Royden have regrettably ceased to exist at present. These artworks hold significant historical value, and their recognition has been duly acknowledged by the esteemed institution, the Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology. Royden's use of watercolour and acrylic brings vibrancy, drawing inspiration from light. Capturing essence, this shift expands the creative palette.

Dillai Joseph's ethos fosters a renewed connection with nature, beautifully conveyed through her paintings, which inspire a profound love for the natural world. Her bold use of colours and innovative techniques breathe life into her work. Dillai Joseph discovers the extraordinary in everyday scenes, employing palette knives and varied textures to emphasize and exaggerate her unique perspective. She also explores the human connection to nature and how conserving what is sound is vital for future generations.

"Art has the power to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and inspire action," says Roydon Gibbs. "Through ''Corridors of Time'', we hope to ignite a sense of pride and responsibility among our audience, urging them to protect the cultural and natural treasures that make Sri Lanka so extraordinary."

"We believe that art should not only be admired but also understood," affirms Dillai Joseph. "Through our conversations with visitors, we hope to foster a deeper connection between our art and the stories we aim to tell."

Royden Gibbs

Royden Gibbs is one of the senior-most contemporary artists in Sri Lanka and is known internationally with a six-decade career. He is best known for his watercolours on historical sites and landscapes. Still, he is equally versatile in many other media such as oils, pastels, ink, line, and wash, to mention a few and is proficient in a wide variety of subjects from still life, figures, portraits, and wildlife, to landscapes and buildings. With a deep connection to Sri Lanka's cultural heritage, Gibbs's works often explore themes of tradition and history.

Dillai Joseph

Dillai Joseph is an artist/advertising creative director. As an artist, she constantly examines contemporary themes using classical techniques to create her work, making it a distinctive style. She explores more nature-based subject matter and communicates the importance of environmental conservation, human relationships with nature, interesting trees, or even the day-to-day nature we take for granted. Using her skills in advertising and fine art, she constantly tries to communicate a message to the public. She is a contemporary artist celebrated internationally by showcasing her work in Geneva and Delhi.

27th October, 2023 Visual Art | Paintings