Art Exhibition by Ruwan Prasanna

Saskia Fernando Gallery presents Ruwan Prasanna’s latest series of work titled Komorebi. The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday 27 May 2017 and will continue until 20 June 2017 and is open to the public daily from 10am to 6pm.

Born in Sri Lanka in 1980, Ruwan Prasanna followed a degree in Fine Arts from the University ofKelaniya in Colombo before leaving to pursue a career in the advertising industry. Alongside this path, he continues to pursue his work as an artist, exhibiting at the Kala Pola and numerous group shows. It has been three years since Ruwan Prasanna’s last solo exhibition, a time in which the artist has become one of Sri Lanka’s most important abstract painters. It is in this however, his most recent work, that the artist, loading his brush with colour, continues to prove his aptitude for the process of gestural abstract painting with haptic texture patterns evolving on the surface of the canvas in a seemingly spontaneous manner.

In this newest body of work the artist illustrates Komorebi, translated from Japanese as ‘the light shining through the trees’. Time stands still in these multi paneled canvases, capturing the stages of the evening sunset when viewed from below the canopies. Luminous colours of the sky and ageing leaves in the tall, old trees of Colombo are the artist’s narrative while the scale of Ruwan Prasanna’s paintings play a role in the story they tell, sequential from one to another with the harmony of light and form at their core.

Ruwan Prasanna’s exhibitions include Saskia Fernando Gallery Colombo (2015), Paradise Road Galleries (2013), Paradise Road Galleries (2011), Artway Gallery (2009), National Art Gallery (2008) and Barefoot Gallery Colombo (2007). Commissioned projects include the Galle Face Hotel Colombo, Taru Villas, People’s Leasing Company Head Office amongst other private collections locally and internationally.


Image cortesy : Saskia Fernando Gallery 

26th May, 2017 Visual Art | Paintings