Bonjour Cinéma 2020

French cinema, we believe is a timeless figment of human creation, and it is our sole penchant for cinema that builds a magnetic attraction towards French cinema. Once more, Bonjour Cinéma is back this new decade, with a fantastic selection of classic masterpieces, clever animation and new talent and ARTRA Magazine is happy to have partnered with this initiative to intertwine cultures through this notion of artistic expression.

The Bonjour Cinéma, an event hosted by Alliance Française de Kotte, is a whole season of French Film screenings over the course of a year that fosters the nuances of cultural diversity in Sri Lanka. The profound establishment brings forth this year, yet another incredibly exceptional series of French films to open the eyes and minds of both generations, young and old, alike. Screening films wholly valued in its quality, Alliance Française de Kotte partners up with ARTRA Magazine consecutively for its 2020 edition. This year, the Bonjour Cinema brings about a unique line-up of films, including its segment for children, dubbed ‘Bonjour Cinéma KIDS’ and the festival will also host more awarded and successful movies including  a special selection of recent, awarded, and feel-good movies, ‘In Safe Hands’, ‘The Specials’, ‘Dilili in Paris’ and more. Bonjour Cinéma will also host, for the first time, an open air movie at the Sri Lanka Foundation. All the films will be presented with English subtitles, enabling the audience to experience different aspects of the Francophone world through cinema.

To kick off the exciting line-up of events, Bonjour Cinéma screens OSS 117: Lost in Rio. Released in France as ‘OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus’, the film is a 2009 French spy comedy film directed and co-written by Michel Hazanavicius. The film explores genres of humour and suspicion. Set in 1967, Lost in Rio is an adventure that takes OSS 117 to Brazil in order to retrieve a microfilm list of French Nazi sympathizers, finding himself back, unknowingly set foot into a bigger international intrigue. Following its prequel Hazanavicius' OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies, the film features actors and actresses Jean Dujardin as Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, also known as OSS 117, Louise Monot as Dolorès Koulechov, Rüdiger Vogler as Professor Von Zimmel, Alex Lutz as Heinrich and several others. Director, Michel Hazanavicius is a French film director, producer, screenwriter and film editor who is best known for his 2011 film, The Artist, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture at the 84th Academy Awards. It also won him the Academy Award for Best Director.

Bonjour Cinéma 2020 opens up its series of exciting French films to educate the public while exchanging culture and influencing cultural notions between French, English and the local community. ARTRA partners up with Bonjour Cinéma 2020, as it has been for prior years, this initiative to trade culture and acknowledge the significance and value of language and its exchange between diverse communities that contribute to social, ethical and political concerns. Cinema is a captivating, if complex, route to the past. As a popular art, set in the economic, cultural and political spheres, film inevitably bears the birthmarks of its passage into light. As a technological art, defined by its capacity for the automatic registration of sights and sounds, it is composed of pieces of the culture it represents. Great cinema is oftentimes a powerful reflection of our society. It not only inspires but also moves us in ways only that particular film can. In the modern world, films have become a successful way in which the directors and producers can reach the public audience and thereupon create awareness of the contemporary sociopolitical circumstances.

‘OSS 117: Lost in Rio’ will be screened at the National Film Corporation at 7PM on the 12th of February, 2020 as Alliance Française de Kotte in partnership with ARTRA Magazine, endeavour to inform and impact the audience through this concept of cultural exchange. The film will be presented with English subtitles further enhancing this notion. An admission of free entrance allows for easy accessibility and greater reach. So, learn, enjoy and be stimulated as you witness some of the greatest cinema of all time.


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12th February, 2020 Art Events